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Pioneer metal-manufactures factory of jiangmen,which is located at the south of Guang-Zhan and Jiang-Kai highways with convenient transportation services,is one of the earliest factories processing and manufacturing hardware products in Guangdong province.
The factory has accumulated many years’manufacturing experience and has home and abroad advance complex braze welding machine , largest resting,pressing, high frequency welding,argon arc welding, polishing , electrochemical cleaning equipments,etc.After many times technological introducing and modification.lt has a lot lt technical staff,perfect management,solid strength,advanced technology,and the goods quality is up to the world level.The manufactured products of “Pioneer”brand includes more than 100 different types and specifications of kitchen utensils such as complex bottomed pot, kettles, cup, trays, plate, bowl and other stainless steel for daily use.The products are serialized and standardized,having artistic appearancead in good taste,useful and durable,smooth and regions such as the U.S.A, Europe, Australian, South-east Asia,South Africa,HongKong and all over the country.They are well praised and trusted by the customers.The annual Sales value is over 20 million.
Legal Representative:Zou Zhuang

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